Veronica   Castro

Associate Professor  

Phone: (956) 665-5319

Dr. Veronica Castro

Dr. Castro has been an educator in the Rio Grande Valley for 20 years. She has also served her community as a licensed professional counselor. Her current research is focused on the competency of mental health faculty and graduate students in serving the gay, lesbian, bisexual clients.

  • Areas of Expertise

    • Mental Health Professionals Attitudes toward the GLBT Population
    • Mental Health Professional Education/Training in Working with the GLBT Population
    • Resiliency Among At-Risk Students
    • Resiliency Among Mexican‑American,
  • Education

    • PhD, Counselor Education, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, 2005
    • MEd, Guidance and Counseling, The University of Texas - Pan American, 2001
    • BA, Psychology, The University of Texas - Austin, 1995
  • Currently Teaching

    COUN 6313 02 - Personal/Social Development:
    Course Evaluations

Selected Publications

  • Lionel Cavazos, Veronica Castro, Leticia Cavazos, Michelle Cavazos, and Stacey Gonzalez. "Understanding Latina/o Students’ Meaning in Life, Spirituality, and Subjective Happiness," Journal of Hispanic Higher Education 14, (2015): 171-184.

  • Javier Vela, Michael Johnson, Veronica Castro, James Ikonomopoulos, Priscilla Gonzalez-Sanchez, and Stacey Gonzalez. "Understanding Perceived Differences Between Successful and Struggling First-Year Mexican American College Students: An Exploratory Study," VISTAS (2015): 1-12.

  • Lionel Cavazos, Ming-Tsan Lu, Liza Veliz, Michael Johnson, and Veronica Castro. "Future school counselors’ perceptions of challenges that Latina/o students face: An exploratory study," Ideas and research you can use: VISTAS 2014 (2014).

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  • J Cavazos, M Johnson, Cheryl Fielding, Alonzo Cavazos, Veronica Castro, and L Vela. "A qualitative study of resilient Latina/o college students," Journal of Latinos and Education 9, no. 2 (2010): 172-188.

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  • J Cavazos, L Veliz, M Johnson, and Veronica Castro. Beginning practicum students' perceptions of challenges that Latina/o students face: An exploratory study. .

Selected Grants and Fellowships

  • Veronica Castro. School Social-Emotional Climate: What are the Beliefs of Faculty, Staff, Parents, and Students in Majority Hispanic/Latino High Schools in the Texas Rio Grande Valley?, College of Education, $2,000.00 ( 2007)

  • Veronica Castro. Attitudes of Counselors in Training Towards the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Population: A South Texas Study, (2006 - 2007)

  • Veronica Castro. Faculty and Staff Beliefs about Bullying: The Role of School Climate in Majority Hispanic Schools, (2006 - 2007)

  • Veronica Castro. School Counselors' Perception of Graduate School Preparation: A Rio Grande Valley Study, (2005 - 2006)

  • Veronica Castro. Faculty Research Grant Application, (October 2006)

  • Veronica Castro. The Efficacy of an Emotional Intelligence Based Program: Resilient Behaviors of Seventh and Eighth Grade Students, (2004 - 2005)

  • Veronica Castro. Resiliency Among Doctoral Level Students: A Qualitative Study of Women, ( 2003)

  • Veronica Castro. The Role of the School Counselor: A Qualitative Analysis, ( 2003)

Selected Presentations

  • Stephanie Brickman and Veronica Castro. "Theories underling the practice of EI strategies," 2015 International Emotional Intelligence Conferece, Waco, Texas (2015)

  • Veronica Castro and Stephanie Brickman. "How an integrated model can support personal responsibility," 2014 International Emotional Intelligence Conference, Waco, Texas (2014)

  • Veronica Castro and Stephanie Brickman. "Developing personal responsibility," National Association for Developmental Education (NADE) Conference, NADE, Dallas, Texas (2014)

  • S Lopez and Veronica Castro. "Teamwork: Building partnerships to enhance school counselor training," Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Conference, Association for Counselor Education and Supervision, Nashville, Tennessee (April 2011)

  • Veronica Castro and Y Castillo. "Managing Stress for School Counselors," TCA's 53rd Annual Professional Growth Conference, TCA, Dallas, Texas (2009)

  • Veronica Castro. "Managing Behavior Challenges: Preschool Classroom," TMC Regional Training, (March 2009)

  • Veronica Castro. "Discipline--2.5 hours," Rio Grande Valley Child Care Administrators 18th Annual Conference, McAllen, Texas (March 2009)

  • Veronica Castro. "Managing Stress- 2.5 hour ," Rio Grande Valley Child Care Administrators 18th Annual Conference, McAllen, Texas (March 2009)

  • Veronica Castro and Y Castillo. "Play therapy in schools: Is it feasible?," 35th International Conference, The Association for the Study of Play (TASP), Brownsville, Texas (February 2009)

  • j Cavazos, L Campos, and Veronica Castro. "Building awareness and promoting advocacy for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students," 15th Annual Counselors' Institute, South Padre Island (January 2009)

Current Courses

COUN 6313 02 - Personal/Social Development:
Course Evaluations

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