Suzanne   LaLonde

Associate Professor  

Office: BMAIN 1.516
Phone: (956) 882-8891

Dr. Suzanne LaLonde

Dr. LaLonde teaches French and Spanish language and literature courses, such as Advanced French Drama; Francophone Literature; and Graduate Spanish Literary Theory. Research areas include: psychoanalytic theory and trauma.

  • Areas of Expertise

    • 20th century French Literature
    • Francophone Literature
    • Trauma Studies
    • Psychoanalytic Studies
  • Education

    • PhD, French Language & Literature, University of Maryland - College Park, 2001
    • MA, French Language, Literature and Culture, Syracuse University, 1990
    • BA, International Relations & French, Syracuse University, 1986

Selected Publications

  • Suzanne Lalonde. "Don Quixote’s Quixotic Trauma Therapy: A Reassessment of Cervantes’s Canonical Novel," Open Cultural Studies: Multicultural Cervantes (November 2017).

  • Suzanne Lalonde. "The Construction of a Conscious Mind in Haruki Murakami’s “A Shinagawa Monkey"," Consciousness, Literature, and the Arts Volume 16 Number 1, April 2015, (2015).

  • Suzanne Lalonde. "Trauma, Pseudodementia, and Magical Realism in Haruki Murakami’s Imaginative World," Trespassing Journal no. Issue 4, Fall 2014 (2014).

  • Suzanne Lalonde. "Mapping the Boundaries of Melancholy and Depression Through Psychoanalysis and Intimate Literature.," PsyArt 2, no. 6a (2013).

  • Suzanne Lalonde. "Trauma and Healing: Global Mental Health in JMG Le Clézio’s Desert," Literature and medicine 31, no. 2 (2013): 199–215.

  • Suzanne Lalonde. "La femme rompue est rompue; elle n’est pas détruite," International Simone de Beauvoir Studies 27, no. Spring (2011).

  • Suzanne Lalonde. "Una perspectiva psicoanalítica de Nubosidad variable de C.M. Gaite ," (May 2010).

  • Suzanne Lalonde. "Una perspectiva psicoanalítica de Nubosidad variable de C.M. Gaite” ," UNAM-University of Mexico : Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana no. 31 (May 2010).

  • Suzanne Lalonde. "Une perspective psychanalytique de la “Femme Rompue" et le journal intime comme genre," International Simone de Beauvoir Studies 25, no. Spring (2009).

  • Suzanne Lalonde. ""Le deuxième sexe" dans l’ère post-féministe et anti-féministe," International Simone de Beauvoir Studies 24, no. Spring (2008).

Selected Presentations

  • Suzanne Lalonde. ""Teaching for the Post-Anthropocene”," Pacific Coast MLA, Cultural Studies and the Post-Anthropocene, Pasadena, CA (November 2016)

  • Suzanne Lalonde. "“A Decolonization of the Mind: New Paradigms of Development in Le Clézio’s Literature” ," Pacific Coast MLA, Post-colonial theory, Pasadena, CA (November 2016)

  • Suzanne Lalonde. "“La salud reproductiva: un derecho humano” ," UTRGV Bioethics Conference “Reimagining American Healthcare”, UTRGV Philosophy Dept., Edinburg, TX (February 2016)

  • Suzanne Lalonde. "“Human and Environmental Trauma in J.M.G. Le Clézio’s Desert”," Modern Language Association , Global Health and World Literature Session, Boston, MA (January 2013)

  • Suzanne Lalonde. ""The Environment, Trauma, and Contemporary Fiction” ," Modern Language Association , Seattle, WA (January 2012)

  • Suzanne Lalonde. ""Le Clézio’s Colonial and Post-colonial Portraits of Women in Nature”," Modern Language Association , Francophone Literature, Seattle, Washington (January 2012)

  • Suzanne Lalonde. "“Mapping the Boundaries between Psychoanalysis, Feminism, and Intimate Literature” ," Houston Psychoanalytic Association, Houston, TX (November 2011)

  • Suzanne Lalonde. " “La femme rompue est rompue, elle n’est pas détruite”," Modern Language Association , Los Angeles, CA (January 2011)

  • Suzanne Lalonde. "“Une perspective psychanalytique de La femme rompue et le journal intime”," Modern Language Association , San Francisco, CA (December 2008)

  • Suzanne Lalonde. "“La psychologie du darwinisme et la métamorphose de l’autoportrait au 19ème siècle” ," Modern Language Association , Chicago, Il (December 2007)

Selected Performances and Exhibitions

  • Suzanne Lalonde. "Don Quixote Lost and Found in Translation Play in Spanish, English, and French ," UTRGV Multilingual Drama Club. Brownsville, TX (2016)

  • Suzanne Lalonde. "Le petit prince Play in French ," UTRGV Multilingual Drama Club and French Theater Course. Brownsville, TX (2016)

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