Ravi   Bala,  CFA

PhD Student  

Ravi Bala, CFA

Selected Publications

  • C. Lakshman, Gonzalez Jorge, and Ravi Bala. "FROM MICRO TO MACRO: THE TRULY DYNAMIC NATURE OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MODEL INNOVATION," Journal of International Business Studies .

Selected Presentations

  • Ravi Bala and Lakshman Chandrashekhar. "Flexibility-oriented HRM practices and Business Model Innovation: Fostering Strategic Agility," 2017 Meeting of the Southern Management Association, Southern Management Association, St. Pete Beach, FL (October 2017)

  • Ravi Bala and Wanrong Hou. "Toward A Typology of Incumbent Response to Disruptive Business Model Innovations," 77th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Academy of Management, Atlanta, GA (August 2017)