Myoung-Hwan   Kim

Assistant Professor  

Office: BCAVL 206
Phone: (956) 882-6779

Dr. Myoung-Hwan Kim

Dr. Kim received his Ph.D. in Physics, the State Univ. of New York, Buffalo at 2010 and he joined as a post-doctoral researcher in Physics at Univ. of Maryland, College Park. He moved to Columbia Univ. as a post-doctoral researcher in Applied Physics at 2013. He joined the faculty in Physics of UTRGV at Jan. 2016.

Selected Publications

  • C. Wang, Z. Li, Myoung-Hwan Kim, X. Xiong, X.-F. Ren, G.-C. Guo, Nanfang Yu, and M. Loncar. "Metasurface-assisted phase-matching-free second harmonic generation in lithium niobate waveguides," Nature Communications 8, (December 2017): 2098.

  • Z Li, Myoung-Hwan Kim, C. Wang, Z. Han, S. Shrestha, A. C. Overvig, M. Lu, A. Stein, A. M. Agarwal, M. Loncar, and N. Yu. "Controlling propagation and coupling of waveguide modes using phase-gradient metasurfaces," Nature Nanotechnology 12, (April (2nd Quarter/Spring) 2017): 675 - 683.

  • S. Zhang, Myoung-Hwan Kim, F. Aieta, A. She, T. Mansuripur, I. Gabay, M. Khorasaninejad, D. Rousso, X. Wang, M. Troccoli, N. Yu, and F. Capasso. "High efficiency near diffraction-limited mid-infrared flat lenses based on metasurface reflectarrays," Optics Express 24, no. 16 (2016): 18024 - 18034.

  • Myoung-Hwan Kim, T. Tanaka, C. T. Ellis, A. Mukherjee, G. Acbas, I. Ohkubo, H. Christen, D. Mandrus, H. Kontani, and J. Cerne. "Infrared anomalous Hall effect in Ca(x)Sr(1-x)RuO3 films," Physical Review B 88, (2013): 155101.

  • C. T. Ellis, A. V. Stier, Myoung-Hwan Kim, D. Xiao, J. G. Tischler, E. R. Glaser, R. L. Myeres-Ward, J. L. Tedesco, C. R. Eddy, Jr., D. K. Gaskill, and J. Cerne. "Magneto-optical fingerprints of distinct graphene multilayers using the giant infrared Kerr effect," Scientific Reports 3, (2013): 3143.

  • Myoung-Hwan Kim, J. Yan, R. J. Suess, T. E. Murphy, M. S. Fuhrer, and H. D. Drew. "Photothermal response in dual-gated bilayer graphene," Physical Review Letter 110, (2013): 247402.

  • J. Yan, Myoung-Hwan Kim, J. A. Elle, A. B. Sushkov, G. S. Jenkins, H. M. Milchberg, M. S. Fuhrer, and H. D. Drew. "Dual-gated bilayer graphene hot electron bolometer," Nature Nanotechnology 7, (2012): 472 - 478.

  • G. S. Jenkins, A. B. Sushkov, D. C. Schmadel, Myoung-Hwan Kim, M. Brahlek, N. Bansal, S. Oh, and H. D. Drew. "Giant plateau in the terahertz Faraday angle in gated Bi2Se3," Physical Review B 86, (2012): 235133.

  • Myoung-Hwan Kim, V. Kurz, G. Acbas, C. T. Ellis, and J. Cerne. "Measurement of the infrared complex Faraday angle in semiconductors and insulators," Journal of Optical Society of America B 28, no. 2 (2011): 199 - 207.

  • Myoung-Hwan Kim, G. Acbas, M.-H. Yang, M. Eginligil, P. Khalifah, I. Ohkubo, H. Christen, D. Mandrus, Z. Fang, and J. Cerne. "Infrared anomalous Hall effect in SrRuO3: Exploring evidence for crossover to intrinsic behavior," Physical Review B 81, (2010): 235218.

Selected Grants and Fellowships

  • Myoung-Hwan Kim. Valley STARs: Mid/Far infrared spectroscopy and microscopy system, Univ. of Texas System Administration, $294,400.00 (April 20, 2016 - April 19, 2019)

  • Myoung-Hwan Kim. UTRGV College of Sciences Start Up Funds, UTRGV, $154,444.00 (January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2017)

  • Myoung-Hwan Kim. COS SEED Grant: Far-infrared Anomalous Hall Effect in Transition Metal Films, UTRGV College of Science, $13,775.00 (June 1, 2016 - November 30, 2017)

  • Myoung-Hwan Kim. UTRGV Junior Faculty Travel Support Program, The Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Diversity, $500.00 (January 2016)

Selected Presentations

  • Satyanarayana Kachiraju and Myoung-Hwan Kim. "A control of localized surface phonon polariton resonances using hyperbolic material boundary," College of Sciences Annual Conference, UTRGV, Edinburg (April 2018)

  • Myoung-Hwan Kim. "Finding Nano-blocks to Control Light," Physics Colloquium, Texas Tech University, Lubbock (April 2018)

  • Myoung-Hwan Kim. "Mid-/far infrared anomalous Hall effect," KPS-AKPA Symposium at APS March meeting, KPS, AKPA, and APS, Los Angeles (March 2018)

  • Myoung-Hwan Kim. "A control of localized surface phonon polariton resonances on silicon carbide nanostructures," Southwestern Texas Asian Symposium, UTRGV and Texas Costal Bend of Korean Scientists and Engineering Association, Edinburg (November 2017)

  • Myoung-Hwan Kim. "Finding Nano-blocks to Control Light," NSF-REU Seminar, National Science Foundation, Brownsville (July 2017)

  • Myoung-Hwan Kim. "Far-infrared Anomalous Hall Effect in Transition Metal Films," College of Sciences Annual Conference, UTRGV College of Science, Edinburg (March 2017)

  • Myoung-Hwan Kim. "Surface Phonon Polaritons on Silicon Carbide at Soft Boundaries," UKC 2016, KSEA, Dallas, TX (August 2016)

  • Myoung-Hwan Kim. "Experimental Demonstration of Waveguide Mode Converters Based on Phase-Gradient Metasurfaces," CLEO 2016, OSA, San Jose (June 2016)

  • Myoung-Hwan Kim. "Molding Light with Flat Optics," Invited Seminar, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C. (September 2015)

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