Junfei   Li

Senior Lecturer  

Office: EENGR 3.274
Phone: (956) 665-7148
Email: junfei.li@utrgv.edu

Dr. Junfei Li

Dr. Li has been a faculty with UTPA/ UTRGV since receiving his Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UT-Austin in 2002. He is a P.E. in Texas.

Selected Publications

  • Z. Wu, Junfei Li, Karen Lozano, Subhash Bose, and Douglas Timmer. "Study of Processing Variables on the Electrical Resistivity of Conductive Adhesives," International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives. Volume 29, no. issue 5 : 488-494.

  • Junfei Li and H. Ling. "Application of adaptive chirplet representation for ISAR feature extraction from targets with rotating parts," IEE Proceedings radar, sonar and navigation, special issue on time frequency analysis for synthetic aperture radar and feature extraction. 150, no. 4 : pp. 284-291.

  • Junfei Li, Y. Zhou, and H. Ling. "Sparse parameterization of electromagnetic scattering data using a generic algorith with adaptive feeding," Electronic Letters. 39, no. 15 : pp. 1104-1105.

  • Y. Zhou, Junfei Li, and H. Ling. "Shape inversion of metalic cavities using hybrid genetic algorithm combined tabu list," Electronic Letters. 39, no. 3 : pp. 280-281.

  • Junfei Li, H. Ling, and V Chen. "An algorithm to detect the presence of 3D target motions form ISAR data," Multidimensional systems and signal processing, special issue on radar signal processing and its applications. 14, no. 1 : pp. 223-240.

  • Junfei Li and H. Ling. "Use of genetic algorithms in ISAR imaging of targets with higher order motions," IEEE Transactions on aerospace electronic system. 39, no. 1 : pp.343-351.

  • Junfei Li and H. Ling. "ISAR feature extraction from non rigid body targets using adaptive chirplet representation," 2002 IEEE APS international symposium digest. : pp. 294-297.

  • Junfei Li. "Reconstruction of cavities using genetic algorithms combined with gradient search," Proceedings of 2002 USNC/URSI National radio science meeting. : pp. 399.

  • Junfei Li and H Ling. "Use of genetic algorithms for parameterization of scattering data with scattering centers and resonances," Proceedings of 2002 USNC/URSI National Radio Science Meeting. : pp. 306.

  • H. Guo, C. Wang, Q. Dong, and Junfei Li. "Principles of radar for earth observation," Chapter 3 of theory and applications of radar for earth observation. Beijing: science press, .

Selected Grants and Fellowships

  • Junfei Li. Micro-Local Analysis and Image Reconstruction of Moving Targets (Co-PI), AFOSR, $550,646.00 (September 2008 - September 2011)

  • Heinrich Foltz. High-Performance Compact Ultra-Wideband Antenna Elements, Army Research Office, DoD Infrastructure for HBCU/MI, $283,596.00 (2006 - 2009)

  • Junfei Li. High Performance Compact UWB Antenna Elements (Co-PI), ARO, $283,596.00 (October 2006 - September 2009)

  • Junfei Li. Instrumentation for Antenna, Scatterer, Semiconductor Characterization (Co-PI), ARO, $112,706.00 (June 2006 - May 2009)

  • Junfei Li. A High Performance Imaging and Target Discrimination System Using SAR ad ISAR (PI), Navy Small Business Technology Transfer Program (Subcontract from Signal Processing, Inc.), $21,000.00 (July 2008 - January 2009)

  • Heinrich Foltz. Time-Domain Ultra-Wideband Radar for Biomedical Applications, Texas Advanced Research Program, $96,000.00 (2006 - 2008)

  • Junfei Li. Time-Domain UWB Radar for Biomedical Applications (PI), Texas Advanced Research Program, $88,780.00 (May 2006 - May 2008)

  • Junfei Li. Acquisition of Ultra-Wide-Band Measurement and Modeling Facilities for Multidisciplinary Research (PI), NSF, $252,298.00 (August 2004 - August 2007)

  • Junfei Li. UWB Radar Measurement for Dual- Mode Detection of IED (Co-PI), Air Force Battle Lab / Subcontract from UTSA, $50,000.00 (February 2005 - February 2007)

  • Heinrich Foltz. Broadband Radar Measurements in Support of Dual Mode IED Detection, USAF Force Protection Battle Lab, via UTSA subcontract, $54,000.00 ( 2006)

Selected Presentations

  • R. Bhalla, Junfei Li, and H. Ling. "3-D SAR image formation from sparse aperture dara using 3-D target grids," 2005 SPIE Defense and security symposium , Orlando, FL (April 2005)

  • Junfei Li, Heinrich Foltz, J McLean, D. Irving, and R. Carreon. "Measurement of UWB propagation through wall structures," 2004 USNC/URSI National radio science meeeting, Monterrey,CA (June 2004)

  • Junfei Li. "Effects of pulse wave radiation and scattering on ultra wideband radar performance," 2004 SPIE Defense and security , Orlando,FL (April 2004)

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