Elizabeth   McCormack-Whittemore

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Ms. Corinne McCormack-Whittemore

E. Corinne Whittemore grew up in the Rio Grande Valley and received her MFA in Visual Communications from the University of Arizona. Corinne has worked in the field of graphic design for about fifteen years on both the East and West Coasts. She lived, most recently, in Virginia Beach, VA before moving back to the Valley in 2014. Corinne continues to design and consult offering her services through her design company, ecmw design and has been teaching Graphic Design at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley for the past three years. Her current research is the study of border culture and includes photographing flea markets, religious icons, popular culture, and street and storefront signage of the Rio Grande Valley. Her artwork is digital photomontage and mirrors her research using photographs she has taken over a period of ten years of the border area. Corinne describes her art as being, “…as much a personal documentation and exploration of how I resonate with my culture as well as my struggle to find place and connection within my own culture and heritage. It is a visual account of the thriving culture unique to border areas of the United States.” Corinne is currently working on a collaborative book project entitled, “Borderland Mujeres.”

  • Education

    • MFA, Visual Communications, The University of Arizona, 2004

Selected Publications

  • Cynthia Lopez and Elizabeth McCormack-Whittemore. Valley Cultura. Texas: September 2016.

  • Elizabeth McCormack-Whittemore. Book Cover Design. McAllen, TX/ Greenjay Publishing: Greenjay Publishing, 2015.

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