Daniel   Chomsky

Associate Professor  

Office: ELABN 200H
Email: daniel.chomsky@utrgv.edu

Dr. Daniel Chomsky

  • Education

    • PhD, Political Science, Northwestern University, 1999
    • BA, Political Science, Temple University, 1984
  • Currently Teaching

    POLS 4370 01 - Senior Research Seminar:
    Course Evaluations

Selected Publications

  • Daniel Chomsky. "Owners, Officials, and Reporters," Journalism and Communication monographs 19, (August 2017).

  • Scott Barclay and Daniel Chomsky. "How Do Cause Lawyers Decide When and Where to Litigate on Behalf of their Cause?," Law & Society Review 48, (2014): 596-620.

  • Daniel Chomsky and Scott Barclay. "The Editor, the Publisher and His Mother: The Representation of Lesbians and Gays in the New York Times," Journal of Homosexuality 60, (2013): 1389-1408.

  • Daniel Chomsky and Scott Barclay. "The Mass Media, Public Opinion, and Lesbian and Gay Rights," Annual Review of Law and Social Science 6, (December 2010): 387-403.

  • Daniel Chomsky. "’An Interested Reader’: Measuring Ownership Control at the New York Times," Critical Studies in Media Communication 23, (2006): 1-18.

  • Daniel Chomsky. "Advance Agent of the Truman Doctrine: The United States, the New York Times and the Greek Civil War," Political Communication 17, (2000).

  • Daniel Chomsky. " The Mechanisms of Management Control at the New York Times," Media, Culture & Society 21, (1999): 579-599.

Selected Grants and Fellowships

  • Daniel Chomsky. Tax Policy in American Newspapers, Institute for New Economic Thinking, $23,000.00 (April 2013 - January 2014)

Selected Presentations

  • Daniel Chomsky and Paul Jorgensen. "A Critical Examination of Party Theory: The Relative Importance of Endorsements, Money, and the Mass Media,," Caucus for a New Political Science 50th Anniversary Meeting, (2017)

  • Daniel Chomsky. 13th Conference of the European Sociological Association, Athens, Greece (August 2017)

  • Daniel Chomsky. "Occupy Wall Street and the Obama Tax Increase of 2012," Western Political Science Association annual Meeting, Vancouver, BC (April 2017)

Current Courses

POLS 4370 01 - Senior Research Seminar:
Course Evaluations

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