Dae   J.  Kim

Associate Professor  

Office: EREBL 2.112
Phone: (956) 665-6411
Email: dae.kim@utrgv.edu

Dr. Dae J. Kim

Ph.D. Molecular Toxicology, The Pennsylvania State University Postdoctoral Fellow, Carcinogenesis, The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

  • Areas of Expertise

    • Envrionmental Carcinogenesis
    • Cancer Prevention

Selected Publications

  • Mihwa Kim, Liza Morales, and Dae Joon Kim. "TC-PTP nuclear trafficking in keratinocytes," Aging 9, (2017): 2459-2460.

  • Mihwa Kim, Minwoo Baek, and Dae Joon Kim. "Tyrosine phosphorylation signaling and its potential therapeutic implications in carcinogenesis," Current Pharmaceutical Design 23, (2017): 4226-4246.

  • Mihwa Kim, Liza Morales, Minwoo Baek, Thomas Slaga, John DiGiovanni, and Dae Joon Kim. "UVB-induced nuclear translocation of TC-PTP by AKT/14-3-3sigma axis inhibits keratinocyte survival and proliferation.," Oncotarget 8, (October (4th Quarter/Autumn) 2017): 90674-90692.

  • Hyunseung Lee, Mihwa Kim, Minwoo Baek, Liza Morales, Ik-Soon Jang, Thomas Slaga, John Digiovanni, and Dae Joon Kim. "Targeted disruption of TC-PTP in the proliferative compartment augments STAT3 and AKT signaling and skin tumor development," Scientific Reports 7, (2017): 45077.

  • Mihwa Kim, Ji-Yeon Jung, Seungho Choi, hyunseung Lee, Liza Morales, Jeong-Tae Koh, Sun Kim, Yoo-Duk Choi, Chan Choi, Thomas Slaga, Won Kim, and Dae Joon Kim. "GFRA1 promotes cisplatin-induced chemoresistance in osteosarcoma by inducing autophagy," Autophagy 13, (2017): 149-168.

  • Shane Askar, Frank Dean, Dae Joon Kim, and Evangelia Kotsikorou. "Molecular Modeling and Mutational Analysis of the GPR119 Receptor Binding Site," .

Selected Presentations

  • Dae Joon Kim, Minwoo Baek, Mihwa Kim, Jaesung Lim, Liza Morales, and Andrew Tsin. "TC-PTP deficiency in mouse epidermis promotes UVB-induced keratinocyte cell survival through the regulation of VEGFR2 signaling," Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas Conference, (2017)