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Dr. Chiquan Guo

Professor Guo attended several universities in the Midwest. Upon finishing his doctorate, he began teaching as assistant professor of marketing and international business at UTPA in 2002. He is now associate professor of marketing at Pan American.

Selected Publications

  • Yongjian Wang , Peter LaPlaca, Ying Zhu, Andy Wei Hao, Chiquan Guo, and Yongchuan Bao. "Streamlining Interfunctional Coordination in Industrial SMEs: Insights from Market-Oriented Managers," Sage Publication: Journal of General Management 42, no. 3 (April (2nd Quarter/Spring) 2017): 31-40.

  • Chiquan Guo, Yongjian Wang, and Ying Zhu. "Distributor Orientation and Channel Profitability for Manufacturing-Centered SMEs: Moderating Role of Competitive Intensity and Coordinative Intensity," Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship 18, no. 2 (December 2016): 197-210.

  • Chiquan Guo and Yongjian Wang. "Market Orientation, Distributor Relationship, and Return on Assets: Optimizing Channel Performance for Industrial Firms," Asian Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics 28, no. 1 (January (1st Quarter/Winter) 2016): 107-123.

  • Wang Valerie, Hao Lou, Yongjian Wang, and Chiquan Guo. "Differences in Organizational Website Design across Cultures: A Comparative Study of American and Chinese Industrial SMEs," Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics 27, no. 4 (October (4th Quarter/Autumn) 2015): 582-599.

  • Chiquan Guo and Yongjian Wang. "How Manufacturer Market Orientation Influences B2B Customer Satisfaction and Retention: Empirical Investigation of the Three Market Orientation Components," Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing 30, no. 2 (April (2nd Quarter/Spring) 2015): 182-193.

  • Chiquan Guo and Yongjian Wang. "Being in the Right Place at the Right Time: An Organizational Contingency Perspective of the Fortune 1000," Global Business and Organizational Excellence 34, no. 2 (January (1st Quarter/Winter) 2015): 19-33.

  • Chiquan Guo, Yongjian Wang, and Ashley Metcalf. "How to Calibrate Conventional Market-Oriented Organizational Culture in 21st Century Production-Centered Firms? A Customer Relationship Perspective," International Journal of Production Economics 156, no. October (October (4th Quarter/Autumn) 2014): 235-245.

  • Yongjian Wang, Kevin Cruthirds, Catherine Axinn, and Chiquan Guo. "In Search of Aesthetics in Consumer Marketing: An Examination of Aesthetic Stimuli: From the Philosophy of Art and the Psychology of Art," Academy of Marketing Studies Journal 17, no. 2 (2013): 37-55.

  • Yongjian Wang, Jie Wei, and Chiquan Guo. "A Multi-Attribute Comparison of U.S. and Chinese E-tailer Website Design," International Journal of Business Research 12, no. 2 (July (3rd Quarter/Summer) 2012): 183-189.

  • Yongjian Wang, Samuel Doss, Chiquan Guo, and Wenjing Li. "An Investigation of Chinese Consumers' Outshopping Motives from a Culture Perspective," International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management 38, no. 6 (2010): 423-442.

Selected Presentations

  • Yongjian Wang, Chiquan Guo, Andy Hao, and Jing Zhu. "Implementing Market Orientation in Manufacturing-Centered Industrial SMEs in Honogeneous Market," 2016 American Marketing Association Winter Educators' Conference, American Marketing Association, Las Vega, NV (February 2016)

  • Yongjian Wang, Chiquan Guo, Andy Hao, and Jing Zhu. "Market Orientation, Timing of Entry, and New Product Performance," 2016 American Marketing Association Winter Educators' Conference, American Marketing Association, Las Vegas, NV (February 2016)

  • Chiquan Guo, Songpol Kulviwat, and Jing Zhu. "Competing in an Emerging Market: The Roles of Dynamic Market Environments, Market Orientation, and Customer Satisfaction/Loyalty," American Marketing Association Summer Eductors' Conference, The American Marketing Association, Chicago, IL (August 2015)

  • Chiquan Guo, Yongjian Wang, Anshu Saran, and Andy Wei Hao. "Are Market-Oriented Firms Pioneers in New Product Launch? An Investigation of Postional Advantage, Timing of Entry, and New Product Performance," 2014 Global Marketing Conference at Singapore, Global Alliance of Marketing & Management Associations, (July 2014)

  • Chiquan Guo and Songpol Kulviwat. "Cultural Ethnocentrism and Its Effects on Shopping Tendency with Bilingual Signage: An Empirical Investigation," American Marketing Association Summer Educators' Conference, American Marketing Associate, Chicago, IL (August 2009)

  • Chiquan Guo and Yongjian Wang. "A Study of the Mediating Effect of Shopping Enjoyment in Outshopping Behavior of Mexican Nationals," Academy of Marketing Science 2009 Annual Conference, Academy of Marketing Science, Baltimore, MD (May 2009)

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