Celeste   De Luna

Lecturer 1  

Office: BRUST 209
Email: celeste.deluna01@utrgv.edu
Website: http://www.celestedeluna.com

Celeste De Luna

Celeste De Luna is a visual artist/educator from the Rio Grande Valley, Texas. She is known for her relief prints, lectures, and creative placemaking work on geopolitical borders, immigration, and families.

Selected Grants and Fellowships

  • Celeste De Luna. National Creative Placemaking Fund, Art Place America , $350,000.00 (January 2018)

  • Celeste De Luna. Activating Vacany Arts Incubator, building community Workshop, $7,500.00 (May 26, 2016 - December 30, 2016)

Selected Presentations

  • Celeste De Luna. "Creative Placemaking on the Border," Mundo Zurdo 2018, Society for the Study of Gloria Anzaldua, Trinity University, San Antonio, Tx (May 2018)

  • Celeste De Luna. "Breaking Barriers in Public Storytelling," "Power Lines "National Council of Public History Annual Meeting, National Council on Public History, Las Vegas. NV (April 2018)

  • Celeste De Luna. "Affirming Permission and Creative Placekeeping on the South Texas/Mexico Border ," Alumni of Color Conference, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Boston, Massachusetts (March 2018)

  • Celeste De Luna. "Art and Resistance in the Age of Extremism," Midwestern Chicana Conference, Washburn University, Topeka Kansas (October 2017)

  • Celeste De Luna. "Resisting the Wall, Artistic and Community Responses," The First Decade of the Border Wall Symposium, UT Law School, Austin, Texas. United States (April 2017)

  • Celeste De Luna. "Rio Grande Valley Borderlands," Borders, Borderlands, & Border Crossings, Iberian and Latin American Languages & Cultures, University of Texas Austin, Austin, Texas. United States (August 2016)

Selected Performances and Exhibitions

  • Celeste De Luna. "On the Eradication of Love by The State," Santa Fe, New Mexico. U.S.A. (2018)

  • Celeste De Luna. "Human Rights Exhibit," Houston, TX (2018)

  • Celeste De Luna. "Breach Baby, Don't Hate the Player, Texas Hold Em," Topeka Kansas (2017)

  • Celeste De Luna. "Breach Baby, Cover Image," United states (2017)

  • Celeste De Luna. "Visions From the Inside ," San Francisco, CA. (2017)

  • Celeste De Luna. "American Dream," Corpus Christi, Texas (2017)

  • Celeste De Luna. "Tu Cuerpo Es Una Frontera Print Release and Signing," San Antonio, TX. (2017)

  • Celeste De Luna. "Multiples ," San Antonio, TX. 78552 (2017)

  • Celeste De Luna. "Tragic/Magic Valley," San Benito, Texas. United States (2017)

  • Celeste De Luna. "Latino Artists in Printmaking," Austin, TX (2017)

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