Anil   Singh

Associate Professor  

Office: BMAIN 2.508
Phone: (956) 882-5831

Dr. Anil Singh

  • Education

    • PhD, Business Administration (Information Systems), The University of Texas at Arlington, 2006
    • MS, Information Systems, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2001
    • Master of Management Studies, Finance, Goa University, 1997

Selected Publications

  • Anil Singh, Vikram Bhadauria, and Anil Gurung. "A Problem-Solving Based Approach to Teaching Database Design," Proceedings of the 24th Americas Conference on Information Systems,, 2018.

  • Anil Singh, "Prevalence Of Prediabetes In Hypertensives In Sub-Himalayan Region," India: Global Journal For Research Analysis 7, no. 7 (July (3rd Quarter/Summer) 2018).

  • Anil Singh and James Teng. "Enhancing supply chain outcomes through Information Technology and Trust," Computers in Human Behavior 54, (2016): 290–300.

  • William Willette, James Teng, and Anil Singh. "Shaping Asymmetric Supply ChainParternships: The Role of Shared IT and Trust," Journal of Information Technology Management 27, no. 1 (2016): 1.

  • Vikram Bhadauria, Anil Gurung, and Anil Singh. "A Call to Include Workflow Management Systems in MIS Curriculum," nternational Journal of Computer and Information Technology (2015).

  • Anil Singh, George Mangalaraj, and Aakash Taneja. "Addressing business needs: A creative module for teaching data macros in an accounting information systems course," Journal of Accounting Education 32, no. 1 (2014): 61–75.

  • Anil Singh, George Mangalaraj, and Aakash Taneja. "IT Governance and COBIT: A Literature Review," Proceedings of the 19th Americas Conference on Information Systems, Savannah,Georgia, 2014.

  • Anil Singh. "Detecting Plagiarism in MS Access Assignments," Journal of Information Systems Education (2013).

  • Anil Singh, Vikram Bhadauria, Anurag Jain, and Anil Gurung. "Role of Gender, Efficacy, Anxiety and Testing in learning Spreadsheets ," Computers and Human Behavior 29, (2013): 739-746.

  • Anil Singh, George Mangalaraj, and Aakash Taneja. "An Approach to Detecting Plagiarism in spreadsheet Assignments: A Digital answer to digital cheating," Journal of Accounting Education 29, (2011): 142-152.

Selected Presentations

  • Anil Singh. An Empirical Examination of the Influence of Information Technology and Trust on Supply Chain Dyad Relationships and Performance Oct 24th 2007, University of Texas, Brownsville, ()

  • Anil Singh and sunil singh. Content Management: International Decision Sciences Institute, Ghaziabad , India, Jan2nd – Jan4th- 2008, ()

  • Anil Singh. Enterprise Content and Business Process Management Software Tutorial, 39th Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute, Baltimore, Maryland,, November, 22-25, 2008, ()

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